By creating a large network of permanent collaborators with key engineers of all specialties, both in terms of design, as well as in terms of project management and implementation, the Company managed not only to build complete projects on a "Turnkey" basis but also to expand its activities in other sectors such as public works, construction of fiber optic networks and photovoltaic park facilities.

The innovation in the use of materials and tools (we are one of the first companies that used Doka and Peri metal models), the insistence on the observance of safety measures and the high standards in construction are always the first concern in the operation of the company.

With respect to the environment, the man and the rules of art and construction technique.

High-rise residential and office buildings

Industrial metal or composite buildings with special uses

Gas stations

Underground parking

Reconstructions and renovations of existing buildings

Public works - Road Construction techniques

Construction of fiber optic networks

Photovoltaic park facilities


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